Overview: Panels

Sidebar Panels add context to your live stream, enabling a new mode of viewer engagement. Maestro offers the following panels:

  • Brackets
    • Brackets are perfect for any tournament, allowing you to fully customize a schedule of events, add individual teams/players, and add scores. 
  • Channel Select
    • Directs users to channels with different content.
  • Chat
    • Allows users to chat/communicate during the event.
  • Commerce
    • Monetize consumers with a digital store that lives within the sidebar panel. 
  • Donations
    • Users can donate directly to you, or an affiliated organization.
  • Group
    • Displays a single "group" comprised of multiple individuals.
  • Iframe
    • Embed a fully functional website into your sidebar panel. 
    • *Note: Only works with mobile friendly URLs*
  • Image
    • Add an image to display information with an optional link to an external site.
  • Info Panel
    • Include text, images, videos, profile, and groups all in one sidebar panel.
  • Now Playing
    • Shows viewers what video/live stream is playing.
  • Groups
    • Display multiple "groups".
  • Multiple Choice
    • Users can answer polls/trivia/predictions within the panel.
    • Note that predictions require the user to login.
  • Person
    • Informational panel that includes a picture, bio, and external links for an important person.
  • People
    • Information panel that includes multiple "Persons"
  • Playlist
    • A video selection panel.
  • Quest
    • Quests are a set of actions a user must complete to receive a prize or entry to win a prize. Quests are designed to incentivize viewing and create fan loyalty.
    • Users must login to interact with this panel
  • Schedule
    • Displays a schedule of events that users can add to their calendar
  • Slideshow
    • A presentation of images.
  • Social
    • Create a social feed with individual hashtags and account feeds 
  • Twitch Chat
    • Embed a Twitch channel's chat
  • Video
    • Displays a video

Please note that 5 panels fit comfortably on the sidebar. When you add more than 5, a “more” button will appear which will allow the user to scroll through the panel options.  For additional information about how to add sidebar panels please see here.

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