What is the Retention Dashboard?

The retention dashboard is a new, configurable table that allows you to analyze consumer retention rates over multiple events and category of users. The dashboard was designed to provide you with the framework to understand viewer retention and help you optimize your content and marketing strategies. 

The dashboard allows you to configure results based on how your viewers interact with the platform. You can compare the retention rates across the following end-user interactions:

  • All Users
  • Logged In Users
  • Organic Traffic
  • Referral Traffic
  • Paid Traffic
  • Engaged With Panel
  • Engaged With Overlay
  • Engaged With Quest

The event dates are listed vertically and horizontally. To read the dashboard, start with the first column on the left-hand side. This column lists the event dates (Note: All events will be automatic reports). Similarly, the first row lists the event dates. The second column reports the number of new users that your site gained on that date. The columns following are the retention rates that correspond to each event date.

For example, if we look at the first event on 8/30, we can find the retention rate for the subsequent event dates:

On 9/06, the retention rate is 22%. That is, 22% of the users from 8/30 returned to the website on 9/06. 

Image from Gyazo

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