What are Impact Scores?

Impact scores are a new rating system for interactive live streams within the Maestro ecosystem. They are designed to help customers benchmark performance and to help brands and agencies better compare events to more readily allocate media spend. Each automatically detected event is assigned a score out of 100  comprised of an an equal weighting of four sub-scores, one for each of the following metrics: viewership, watch time, engagement and monetization.  Each sub-score out of 25 is is percentile-based and is calculated against all other live events in the Maestro ecosystem over the last 12 months.
  • Total number of viewers
  • Average number of viewers per hour
Watch Time
  • Total number of hours viewed
  • Average number of hours viewed per hour
  • % of viewers who engaged
  • Average % of viewers whom engaged per hour
  • % of viewers who monetized
  • Average % of viewers who monetized per hour
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