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Q: The video wrapper images seem to be random, how do we sort them?

A: This is set up under Edit Current Channel —> Artwork —> Video. It is likely an ad or a video wrapper image. See GIF:

Q: Where are user e-mails stored? Are they sorted according to how they were collected?

A: All emails that are collected are found under "Your Users". These emails are not segmented by how they were collected. You can also find your logged in users under Analytics —> Community.

Q: Is there anything we need to do differently for mobile?

A: Most of the Maestro functionality transfers to mobile. Background images/video wrappers will not appear, and the channel select and footer are located under the menu button.

Q: Can we have an image behind the 'log in' screen?

A: Not at this time.

Q: Why is my video connection interrupted?

A: Maestro pulls the video feed in directly from the source, so if there are issues with the source feed, there will be issues on Maestro as well. 

Q: Why is my Facebook Live video overriding the videos in the content scheduler?

A: We have a feature that automatically detects when your Facebook channel is live. When the live state is detected, it will override anything you have on the content schedule. The moment you go offline on Facebook, you will go offline on Maestro and the channel will default back to whatever is on the content schedule. You can learn more about Livestreams and their functionality here

Q: How can I get a link to a specific video from my hub?

A: If you want to share a specific video within a channel, you should be able to click the link button directly on the video and get the live URL from there.

Q: Why isn't Facebook Live playing on mobile?

A: Facebook Live does not play on mobile outside of the Facebook App. This is a known issue and can be referenced in Facebook's developer documentation. 

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