What are the benefits of using Maestro?

Using Maestro allows you to send your audience to a single, white-labeled destination to view your content. Once your audience is there, Maestro offers the following:

  • User Engagement
    • Real-Time Overlays
      • Drive user actions at key moments during your stream
        • e.g. poll, message, commerce, share, open link, watch, learn more...
    • Quests
      • Incentivize viewing behaviors with prizes or raffle entries
        • e.g. watch for X minutes, tune in during this event, share this post, answer poll, participate in chat...
  • Data Capture
    • Capture audience behavior at the individual user level
    • Segment and filter audiences
      • Who performed certain actions, come from certain geographic areas, etc.
    • Easily share event reports with executives
  • Monetization
    • New sponsor packages that are additive to existing ad revenue streams
    • Merchandise, game sales, and in-game transaction opportunities
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