What Quest Actions Do You Support?

We support the following Quest actions: 
  • Visit Channel
    • Drive viewers to another channel
  • Visit on a specific Day or Time
    • Increase retention for a specific event
  • Watch video (a livestream or VOD)
    • Increase viewer watch time
  • Answer a Multiple Choice
    • Increase engagement by interacting with polls/trivia/predictions
  • Make a prediction
    • Opens a prediction sidebar panel to increase engagement
  • View a specific panel
    • Highlight sidebar content and give context to the channel
  • Retweet (from twitter panel, retweet card and tweet overlay)
    • Increase social virality via Twitter
  • Share to Facebook 
    • Increase social virality via Facebook
  • Open Link
    • Drive users to an external website
  • Add to Calendar
    • Prompt users to add your next live stream to their calendar
    • Includes: Google, iCal, Yahoo
  • Impossible Action — this is not an actual action but allows you to post something for the future

If you are interested in adding additional actions please get in touch with your Account Manager. 

Fort additional information about quests please see here.  For instructions on how to create quests please see here.

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