How do I set up a Multi-Channel Broadcast?

There are two parts to creating a multi-channel broadcast: 
For additional general information about multi-channel broadcasts please see here.
Part 2: Set up the multi-channel broadcast 
  • Step 1: Navigate to the Overlay collection and create a new Overlay 
  • Step 2: Select Multi-Overlay as the Kind 

  • Step 3: Set all channels to False and set the Duration 
    • Note: This duration will take precedence over each individual overlay’s duration 
  • Step 4: Click Overlays and then Add Another 
  • Step 5: Map the channels and overlays 
    • Note: Home page is the main channel

  • Step 6: Save 

You can view your multi-channel broadcast by navigating to the Multi-Channel Broadcast option under the Broadcast admin tab.  You can click each channel and preview the overlay you have selected to go that specific channel:

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