Can I geo-target my ads?

Yes, you can geo-target your ads with both an ad network and via Maestro. 
Ad Network: 
If you are serving ads via an ad network, the ads will be served with the specific geo-parameters you have set.
If you are serving ads via Maestro, you can create channels for specific markets and serve region-specific ads on that channel.  You will have to create and upload assets for each individual channel and set them on their specific channels.
  • For example, if you are streaming an event in English and Russian and would like to serve ads related to each region, you will have to create assists for both regions (i.e English has a Papa Johns pre-roll and lower third and Russian has a Dominos sidebar ad and lower third), upload those assets and add them to the specific channel. 
  • Users viewing the Russian channel will see the Dominos ads and users viewing the English channel will see the Papa Johns ads. 
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