How To Disable Popup Blockers

To make sure you are getting the most of your Maestro viewing experience, we recommended turning off any popup blockers you may have set on your browser.


Google Chrome

When a popup is blocked on Chrome, a notification will appear on the right of the URL bar.

  1. Click the box with the red X
  2. Click "Always allow popups from..." from the dropdown
  3. Click done and try again



  1. Navigate to the top left of your menu bar and click Safari 
  2. Select Preferences from the dropdown
  3. Navigate to the Security tab 
  4. e-select "Block pop-up windows"
  5. Close out of Preferences 



When a pop-up is blocked, an orange bar will appear under the URL bar with a Preferences button to the far right. 

  1. Click on Preferences 
  2. Select "Allow pop-ups for..." from the dropdown 

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