Overview: Overlays

What are overlays?
Overlays are popups that appear over the bottom left of the video player and are intended to create an interactive, engaging experience for viewers while collecting valuable user data.  
General Notes:
  • Overlays appear from the bottom left of the video and span mid-way to all the way across the screen. The position of the overlay cannot be changed. 
  • All overlays can be made on the fly via the Broadcast admin tab or stored via the Overlay collection.
  • Admins can see the Viewed/Engaged number on overlays, the end user cannot. 
  • Overlays will disappear after the set duration or if the user manually closes out of it.
  • All overlay results can be viewed via the Engagement tab in our analytics dashboard.  
  • Pre-store as many overlays as possible to make broadcasting them quick and easy
    • Lower Thirds and Polls are the top recommended stored overlays as they take more time to create 
    • Messages and Tweets are easier to create/send in the moment but can be stored as well.
  • Stay consistent with the frequency of your overlays. You want to keep users engaged on the site however don't want to bombard them every 5 minutes. We recommend creating a "run of show" and programming overlays for key moments. 
Individual Overlay Types:
  • What they are: Messages are pure text overlays that can have a call to action associated. If a call to action is added it will appear the end of the overlay automatically. 
  • When to use: Messages can be used any time. They don’t take up much space over the video and are quick and to the point. They work best in real-time moments when you need to make an announcement (change in schedule, technical difficulties, etc) or when something happens on-screen that you want to capture for your audience. 
  • Suggested duration: 15+ seconds 
  • Note: There is no character limit to messages however we suggest keeping it short and sweet for UI/UX purposes.


Lower Thirds:

  • What they are: Lower Thirds are essentially messages but in image format. They support the same calls to action as messages however unlike messages the CTA is not automatically added to the image, it must be designed within the image itself. 
  • When to use: We suggest pre-creating Lower Thirds for pre-planned moments or key moments you would like to highlight. The suggested size is 1920x360 as it’s designed to scale with browser size however if you would like it to be smaller we suggest leaving transparent/blank space in areas you do not use. 
  • Suggested duration: 20+ seconds 



  • What they are: Polls are questions that support 2, 4 or 6 option answers. They are our highest engaged overlay, typically seeing between 15-35%. 
  • When to use: Polls are great right before key moments to get a read on the audience or during down time to keep users engaged. 
  • Suggested duration:  30+ seconds 


Poll Results:

  • What they are: The results from a previously broadcasted poll
  • Suggested duration: 20+ seconds 
  • Notes:  Unlike polls, the countdown timer on the top right does not appear



  • What they are: Tweet overlays are specific tweets that appear over the entire bottom part of the video player. Tweets are great to highlight UGC content or pick up retweets/create a viral effect. 
  • When to use: Tweets are great during down times to keep the audience engaged or right after a key moment happens to boost social shares.
  • Note:  You can broadcast tweets via the sidebar or via the broadcast admin using the specific tweet link.



Show Panel:

  • What it is: Show panel allows you to force a panel on the fly, ensuring the audience sees the content.
  • When to use: If you have a panel with relevant information to the video such as a schedule, talking about a person or a team, or simply want your viewers to join the conversation via chat, show panel is a great way to display that information. 
  • Note: The panel must already be present on the sidebar
Live Raffle: 
  • What it is: The raffle overlay is an overlay that allows users to submit an entry to win a prize in real-time. We (maestro) automatically pick a winner from those who clicked “submit entry” and display them as the winner. The admin can see the winner under the Engagement tab in the analytics dashboard. 
  • When to use: Raffles are great during any live event as they create excitement about the chance to win a prize. We suggest sending out at least 2 raffles during an event to keep people on the site for longer. 
How it works: 
1. Admin clicks Raffle overlay type, enters prize, hits Broadcast 
2. Overlay appears, prompting users to login (uses the site login). If the user is already logged in the message will say “A raffle will begin soon, watch here to participate. This will last for 60 seconds. 
3. Another overlay will then appear that says “A raffle is beginning now, Submit Entry” — logged in users will be able to submit and entry. Non-logged in users will get a popup that says “oops, you must be logged in to participate. Login now to enter the next one” This overlay lasts for 45 seconds.
4. After the 45 seconds, we randomly choose a winer from those who clicked “submit entry”. In this time we display an overlay that says “winner is being chosen” 
5. The final overlay appears announcing the winner. Non-winners see “X won the raffle! Reward: X”  Winners will receive an overlay that reads “Congrats X, you won the raffle! You will be contacted soon. Reward: X” 
6. Admins can see who won the raffle under the Engagement tab in the analytics dashboard and message them as needed. We rely on the client to message the user who won, Maestro does not partake in the rewarding process itself. 
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