Overview: Overlays

What are overlays?
Overlays are popups that appear over the bottom left of the video player and are intended to create an interactive, engaging experience for viewers while collecting valuable user data.  
General Notes:
  • Overlays appear from the bottom left of the video and span mid-way all the way across the screen. The position of the overlay cannot be changed. 
  • All overlays can be made on the fly via the Broadcast admin tab or stored via the Overlay collection.
  • Admins can see the Viewed/Engaged number on overlays, the end user cannot. 
  • Overlays will disappear after the set duration or if the user manually closes out of it.
  • All overlay results can be viewed via the Engagement tab in our analytics dashboard.  
Individual Overlay Types:
  • Messages
    • Messages are text-based overlays that can have a CTA appended to the end.
  • Lower Thirds:
    • What they are: Lower Thirds are graphic images that can have a baked in CTA.
  • Multiple Choice:
    • What they are: Poll the audience, ask a trivia question or have users make a prediction in real time with multiple choice overlays.
  • Poll Results:
    • What they are: Poll results display the results from a previous poll/prediction/trivia.
  • Tweets:
    • What they are: Highlight a specific tweet and prompt users to retweet with this overlay. 
  • Live Raffle: 
    • What it is: Raffle overlays are similar to a virtual t-shirt cannon, allowing viewers to enter a raffle and win a reward of your choice.
  • Commerce
    • What is it: Commerce overlays drive users to a sidebar panel in which they can purchase DLC or merchandise

Click here to see overlay examples, suggested durations, and average engagement rates. Additionally, check out Maestro's Best Practices to most effectively utilize our engagement tools.



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