How do I update my site and channel SEO?

The SEO image and description not only helps with general site SEO but also appears when sharing your site to socials. The site SEO title appears in the browser tab and the image and description appear when sharing the URL.  If you have multiple channels you can create specific SEO settings for those as well.

Please note than an image is necessary for the description to appear, specifically on Twitter. 

Setting up Site SEO:

  • Step 1: Open site settings and navigate to SEO
  • Step 2: Add the title, image, keywords and description 
    • Note: Ideal image size is 900x506
  • Step 3: Save 


Setting up individual channel SEO:

  • Step 1: Click the Edit Current Channel admin tab and navigate to the channel name (Channel: Name) 
  • Step 2: Under Channel Name click SEO
  • Step 3: Add title, image, keywords and description 
  • Step 4: Save 

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