Overview: Quests

What is a Quest and Why Do I Want It?

Quests are a set of actions a user completes to receive a prize or entry to win a prize. Quests are designed to incentivize viewing and create fan loyalty.

What is the User Experience?

Quests are contained in one sidebar panel. Users navigate to the panel and can see the list of Quests and associated actions. When a user completes an action, they receive an overlay with a CTA.  The CTA will differ depending on the award type.

Award Type: Prize & Webhook

  • When a user unlocks a prize the CTA will read “Claim Your Prize”
  • When clicking claim your prize a popup will appear with editable text. We suggest the prize name
  • CTA will change from “claim prize” to “prize claimed”

Award Type: Raffle Entry

  • When a user completes the actions the text will read “Submit Entry"
  • When clicking submit entry a popup will appear with editable text. We suggest “your entry has been submitted!” or something along those lines
  • CTA will change from “Submit Entry” to “Entry Submitted"

What Actions do you support?

We support the following actions:

  • Visit Channel
  • Visit on X Day or Time
  • Watch video (full video of specific amount of time)
  • Answer a poll
  • Answer trivia
  • Make a prediction
  • View panel
  • Retweet (from twitter panel, retweet card and tweet overlay)
  • Share to Facebook (from video footer, overlay with share CTA or in-line)
  • Open link
  • Impossible Action — this is not an actual action but allows you to post something for the future

*If you would like to add an action please get in touch with your Account Manager.

How Are Awards Granted?

Prizes: Once a user completed the set of actions and claims their prize, the prize code or information will be displayed in the popup, allowing users to claim their prize immediately. We will need a CSV file of download codes for this method of reward. If you would like a different means of delivery please get in touch with your Account Manager.

Raffle Entry: Raffles collect a list of users who submitted for entry. You can export the list of submitted entries next to the Quest name in the Quest collection. 

Webhook: A webhook allows the user to be rewarded directly into an account. This is done via a URL provided by the client and it must be linked to the authentication type used on Maestro. 

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