How do I create a Quest?

Quests are created via the Quest collection. To get started, open the Collections admin tab and navigate to Quests. 

  • Step 1: Name your Quest
    • Note: This name will appear on the sidebar and will be visible to users
  • Step 2: Set the Award
    • Kind: Prize, Raffle Entry or Webhook*
    • Prompt: This will appear under the Name. This is typically an explanation of the quest.
    • Reward: This will appear in the Reward box.
    • Claimed: This will appear in the popup when a user claims a prize or submits an entry
  • Step 3: Set the actions
    • You must have a minimum of one action. See supported actions.
    • If you would like to display an upcoming quest but not set an action, set an Impossible Action
  • Step 4: Save


*See our Quest Overview for more information on the different between award types. 

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