Design & Admin Guide

Our Design & Admin Guide contains the following:

  • PSD templates for single and multi-channel sites 
  • PSD template for a Lower Third
  • Admin Overview

Here are some quick specs: 

  • Header Logo (250x75)
  • Navigation (100x30)
  • Channel Nav (300x150)
  • Channel Background 
    • SD (1920x1580)
    • HD 4k (3840x2160)
  • Channel Wrapper Image (2120x785)
  • Welcome (1920x1080)
  • Mobile Welcome (1080x1920)
  • Sponsor (100x60)
  • Footer Link (100x60)
  • Lower Third (1920x360)
  • SEO (900x504)
  • Sidebar Ads (300x600, 300x250)
  • Group Banner (1000x250)
  • Image Sidebar Panel (320x500)
  • Person Picture (600x360)

Visual of our admin tabs and where to find them:



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