How do I add a background and wrapper to my channel?

Background and video wrappers are channel specific and can be added via the Edit Current Channel admin tab.

  • Step 1: Go to Edit Current Channel> Artwork
  • Step 2: Select Video
  • Step 3: From the dropdown, select images
  • Step 4: Click 'video wrapper' and add an image

It should be noted that the background and video wrapper will only appear when the video is set to Default mode and it will not appear on mobile. You must have a video background to add a wrapper.


If the video wrapper is an ad, select 'ad' for step 3 instead.
  • Step 1: Choose the ad from the ad collection
  • Step 2: Click the pencil to edit
  • Step 3: Choose the ad kind 'video wrapper'
  • Step 4: Click video wrapper
  • Step 5: Add the wrapper image


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