What are Livestreams and how do they work?

The content schedule is great when you have a planned event or the stream source is always changing. But what about when you don't have a scheduled event? Or what if you always use the same stream source for your streams?

Our Livestreams technology detects when you are live on Twitch and Facebook and automatically switches the content on your Maestro channel from a VOD to live state. 

Livestream take priority over any content on the content schedule. They are priority based, meaning if you have 3 livestreams setup, it will play the first stream until it's offline and move to the next stream. 

Set up:

Add your video to the video collection and select kind>Twitch Live or Facebook Live


Via the Edit Current Channel admin tab, navigate to livestreams and click Add Another. From there select the live stream video you'd like to add and save. 



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