I did an action but it didn’t count progress — help!

Here are some common reasons why the action you completed wouldn't count toward quest progress:

      • Retweets
        • First make sure that you are retweeting from the Maestro interface. This includes retweeting from the social panel, a retweet overlay and a retweet card. Additional information here.

                                  Retweet card:


                                 Retweet Overlay:


                                Social Panel


      • Polls
        • You will gain progress if you answer a new poll from the poll card or from a poll overlay. If progress isn’t counting, and you haven’t already answered the poll, please contact

                          Poll Overlay


                          Poll card


  •  Watch Video
      • Minutes will progress if you are actively watching a live stream. Once the stream is over, progress will stop counting.  If you are currently watching a stream and your progress isn’t counting, please contact with the following:
        • the URL you are viewing from
        • Username
        • Device/Operating System you are viewing from
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