How can I edit the footer?

The footer is the region at the bottom of your site where you can display a hashtag, links to your social, etc. Note that the Powered by Maestro in the bottom right cannot be removed.

To edit the items in the footer:

  1. Go to regions>footer
  2. State on/off. We recommend keeping it on. 
  3. Add a background
  4. Add a hashtag (note that you do not need to add the # symbol in front of the word)ff1f9b1338e723ee94e98f1738f09f92.gif


  1. Actions> Add Another> Select Kindbce31594a2cf84428ccb8bfa57109b88.gif


  • Add any sponsors (these are simply logos that can link out) a60c8e136a406438ea39c1cdc7f50271.gif
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