How Do I Add a Schedule to the Sidebar?

To add a schedule panel to the sidebar:

  1. Go to collections>panels
  2. Select kind>schedule
  3. Select source you'd like to pull the information from (manual, calendar, bandsintown, wanttickets).208bf21671db4b00dc87501f0a99fefb.gif
  4. If you want to add a countdown, select countdown 'on' and add the threshold and threshold unit.b9735754c1c7135af8be2ac3169c2c28.gif
  5. If your source is manual, you'll need to add your events by going to events>add another
  6. Select kind, event or divider.  The divider will separate the events to make it easier to read.90d6d495ec194a829332b3cea28b55aa.gif
  7. Add your event details8608d0f39be2a07fa8883c45ea4ec31e.gif
  8. Add the panel to the sidebar by going to sidebar>add another>select kind=stored panel
  9. Add a title
  10. Add your icon
  11. Select show start time if you'd like the time to start instead of the date


  1. Select your stored panel and saveb7d8b7f7f6cb7d6ecbb874a1d11c8836.gifOnce it is added it will look like this in the sidebarc9ca11c27fa5fa19cc6113a20c621494.gif
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