What areas is Copy Override compatible with?

Quest Panel:

Copy: Login to resume progress

Copy: Quest out of sync, click to resume progress

Copy: Login to do quests

Copy: Submit Entry

Copy: Entry Submitted

Copy: Claim your prize

Copy: Prize Claimed

Copy: Confirm

Copy: Congratulations you have unlocked a reward


Live Raffle Overlay: 

All areas of the Live Raffle overlay are compatible with Copy Override.  In some instances, the CTA is separate from the text, meaning you will have to set up one Copy Override object for the text and another for the CTA.  These will be separated by Brackets. See the following as an example: 


Copy: [A raffle will begin soon, login now to participate!] [LOGIN] 

    *When setting up the Copy Override, you would add one object for the [A raffle will begin soon..] and one for [LOGIN]

Copy: A raffle will begin soon, watch here to participate! 

Copy: Logged in

Copy: [Oops, you must be logged in to participate! Login now to enter the next one.] [LOGIN]

Copy: You've logged in! The raffle will begin soon!

Copy: You didn't login in time. Better luck on the next raffle!

Copy: [A raffle has begun!] [SUBMIT ENTRY]

Copy: Entry Submitted

Copy: You've been entered to win!

Copy: Winner is being chosen!

Copy: Nobody entered. Maybe next time!

Copy: [Congrats,] username* [you’ve won the raffle!] [Reward:]

   *the username will automatically populate. The text surrounding the username can be configured. 

Copy: Username, [won the raffle!] [Reward:]



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